I need to find parents that either have no child OR have all children exclusively with condition (status = 1).

class Parent
  has_many :children

class Child
  enum status: [ :confirmed, :not_confirmed ]
  belongs_to :parent

I know the first part, which is finding parents with no children.

Parent.joins(:children).where('count(children) = 0')

Rails answer.


Since you're using Postgres, you can use a NOT EXISTS query:

# Parents with no children
Parent.where.not('exists (?)', Child.where('children.parent_id = parents.id').select(1))

This query performs better than anything requiring a join, as an EXPLAIN will show you that Postgres will accomplish this with a Nested Loop Anti Join operation.


Here is a solution in Rails:

grp = Parent.left_outer_joins(:children).distinct
models = grp.where('children.id IS NULL').or(grp.where('children.status = 1'))

Basically you need to use LEFT OUTER JOIN (see left_outer_joins in Rails5 Reference).

I do not think your example of the first part works. It would return an error message like

# ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (PG::GroupingError: ERROR:  
# aggregate functions are not allowed in WHERE

and also Rails joins is INNER JOIN.

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