I want to make a regex for multiple rows sample. I tried like this:


but this isn't working for me.

A possible input:

some program code SAMPLE_SIGN text inside the 

What is the correct version for this?

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    include some example input with expected output. – Matt.G Mar 4 at 21:24
  • @Matt.G I updated my question – Gábor Mar 4 at 21:36
  • and what is the expected output? – Matt.G Mar 4 at 21:37
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    You are only allowing one character after "SAMPLE_SIGN" and again after the newline. You need `.*``. – user207421 Mar 4 at 22:35
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    Your input doesn't have SAMPLE_SIGN at the beginning of the line. If you want to allow it anywhere on a line, you shouldn't anchor it with ^. – sepp2k Mar 5 at 8:06

if you want to allow it in any position of the row, not only the begining then shouldn't use ^ and allow your sign: SAMPLE_SIGN or:| end of line:\n and after this can be anything *

"SAMPLE_SIGN"([^SAMPLE_SIGN]|\n)*"SAMPLE_SIGN"  std::cout << "Block"

This will allow you to use SAMPLE_SIGN as first character inside a block of SAMPLE_SIGN and. As a primitive comment section for example.


Try Regex: SAMPLE_SIGN([\S\s]+)(?=SAMPLE_SIGN)


C++ Code Demo:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <regex>

int main()
std::string txt("some program code SAMPLE_SIGN text inside the\r\nsample SAMPLE_SIGN");
std::smatch m;
std::regex rt("SAMPLE_SIGN([\\S\\s]+)(?=SAMPLE_SIGN)");
std::regex_search(txt, m, rt);

std::cout << m.str(1) << std::endl;

C++ Code Reference

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