I'm using the Perl6 Terminal::Print module for a console based application.

It's working well - however, now I need to prompt the user for a string of text.

What's a good way to do this?


Here is an example of using Terminal::Print::RawInput to get a filename as user input:

use v6;
use Terminal::Print;
use Terminal::Print::RawInput;

my $screen = Terminal::Print.new;

# saves current screen state, blanks screen, and hides cursor

$screen.print-string(9, 23, "Enter filename: ");
my $in-supply = raw-input-supply;
my $filename;
react {
    whenever $in-supply -> $c {
        done if $c.ord ~~ 3|13; # Enter pressed or CTRL-C pressed
        my $char = $c.ord < 32 ?? '' !! $c;
        $filename ~= $char;
        print $char;

sleep .1;
say "Filename entered: '$filename'";

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