I have a table of usernames that map to LDAP usernames. What I want to do is to have a list of users or just usernames in a database and only allow users in the list to be authenticated against the LDAP server. I want to be able to authenticate against an LDAP server but only allow those usernames that are in the database and enabled to be able to login. I have been able to successfully setup the spring security core and LDAP so that users can login. How do I authenticate only users that are enabled in the database to login to the grails app using spring security?

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You need to subclass Spring Security's LdapAuthenticationProvider. Override the authenticate method that it returns null if a requested login is not valid for ldap auth (aka not in your table).

The next step is add your new custom AuthenticationProvider class to the providerlist as described in Spring Security Core plugin docs.

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