I'm writing an excel xlsx spreadsheet with Perl6 and inline::Perl5.

When I write a line like

$file-location-ws.write($row, 2, $csv);

Perl6 crashes with the cryptic error message

Operation "eq": no method found, left argument in overloaded package Perl6::Object, right argument has no overloaded magic at /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.0/Excel/Writer/XLSX/Worksheet.pm line 2020.

in method invoke-parent at /home/con/.perl6/sources/130449F27E85303EEC9A19017246A5ED249F99E4 (Inline::Perl5) line 674 in sub many-args at /usr/lib/perl6/site/sources/D38010D24322CE1B1E6FFD8A463F23ED864152E9 (Inline::Perl5::ClassHOW) line 195 in block at 8.make_xlsx.p6 line 100

but if I replace $csv with a literal string of the filename 'Pumbaa Validation Plate 1 samplesheet.csv' thus

$file-location-ws.write($row, 2, 'Pumbaa Validation Plate 1 samplesheet.csv');

it works just fine. Obviously, this isn't a solution, since $csv will change.

Why is this error happening? How can I fix it?

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    Feels like a bug to me to be reported to the Inline::Perl5 issues, which you appear to have done already – Elizabeth Mattijsen Mar 5 at 0:19
  • @ElizabethMattijsen yep I fixed the problem and I closed the issue – con Mar 5 at 0:24
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    FYI, niner has reopened the issue with "I think this is still an issue in IP5. ... Will have to investigate.". Hopefully some combo of fixing IP5 code and/or its error messages and/or its doc and/or P5 will come of this SO. – raiph Mar 5 at 8:59

The problem here is that the write function expects a variable/container of type Str but is getting an IO::Path.

This is easily solved by assigning the variable to be written as a Str type.

The issue was that the error message gave no hint whatsoever of this.

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    "The issue was that the error message gave no hint" of solution. Indeed. FYI Larry Wall has emphasized in P6 culture that we consider LTAs as potentially issues (bugs) in and of themselves, separate from an underlying error. So this SO plausibly involves two issues -- the error and the message. (Perhaps doc too.) In this case niner is investigating so I don't think there's a need to file anything further for now. But please know it would have been reasonable if you had decided to file a separate issue about the message. – raiph Mar 5 at 9:31

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