I use this plugin https://github.com/xabre/xamarin-bluetooth-le

Now, I'm trying to write characteristic and get the response from BLE device. After sending command to BLE device, I would like to use characteristic.ValueUpdated to get response. But my code doesn't work. So I would like to know how to use characteristic.ValueUpdated and characteristic.StartUpdatesAsync().

Steps to reproduce

  1. Connect BLE device and get Device, Service and Characteristic
  2. Use await characteristic.WriteAsync(command) to send command to BLE device
  3. Use characteristic.ValueUpdated and await characteristic.StartUpdatesAsync() to get response from BLE device.

Expected behavior: The event characteristic.ValueUpdated shall be called and I can get the response.

Actual behavior: characteristic.ValueUpdated is not be called.

Configuration: **Version of the Plugin:2.0.0-pre1 **Platform: iOS 12.1 / Android 7.1 **Device: iPhone XR / Asus Android

public int SendCommand(byte[] command)
    if (device == null || service == null || characteristic == null)
        return 1;

    var result1 = WriteCharacteristic(command);

    receive_data = GetResponse().Result;

    if (receive_data == null || receive_data[1] != 0x00)
        return 1;

    return 0;

private async Task<bool> WriteCharacteristic(byte[] command)
    await characteristic.WriteAsync(command);
    return true;

private async Task<byte[]> GetResponse()
    byte[] bytes = new byte[20];

    characteristic.ValueUpdated += (o, args) =>
        bytes = args.Characteristic.Value;

    await characteristic.StartUpdatesAsync();

    return bytes;
  • First of all this is off topic based and second you have not even added any code to this – G.hakim Mar 5 at 7:17
  • Hello G.hakim, My code has been posted in Answer. – zhi qin wang Mar 5 at 8:21
  • Sorry for my mistake, I have posted my code. – zhi qin wang Mar 5 at 8:27
  • Do you call characteristic.WriteAsync(...) from the main thread? – AbbyWang - MSFT Mar 7 at 9:33

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