I am trying to figure out how to update the value of a column, row based of that of a match against a column and row in another Df.

For example:

email         UUID
abc@abc.com    1234
bdc@bdc.com    3456


email          UUID
abc@abc.com    xyz

when looping through both DFs:

for i in api_df['email']:
for e in merged_df['email']:
    if i == e:

Would there be a way to append api_df['UUID] to merged_df['UUID'] when i == e? Which is essenitally when the emails match overwrite the UUIDs from one to another?

Thanks v much for the input!


Use update:

df1 = merged_df.set_index('email')

df1.reset_index()  # merged_df = df1.reset_index()

         email  UUID
0  abc@abc.com  1234

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