I'm trying to retrieve the total [unit]test execution time (surefire for now). There are couple of places stating we should parse the surefire result (with some text processing) like here

generating the test execution time is not a big problem while tests are running sequentially, but how can I retrieve the test execution time when surefire is configure to run the tests in parallel

for example if I use something like this is pom.xml:


how should I retrieve the overall [unit] test execution time?

Is there any flag added to the result which I can take advantage of?

  • Are you wanting CPU time or wall time? – chrylis -on strike- Mar 5 at 1:53
  • tbh not completely sure which one surefire reporter uses – Mahyar Mar 5 at 4:40
  • but is there a way too choose between them? – Mahyar Mar 5 at 4:57

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