Did I mess with the setting or is this a new feature?

Picture 1 One day ago

Picture 2 Today

  • I'm guessing your bottom tool bar says "Spaces: 8"? Click on it and set it to "Indent using spaces" and then 4. – Joachim Isaksson Mar 5 at 5:15
  • You right. Tnx for the help – Rayly Esta Mar 5 at 6:41

You might have changed your tab indentation value. Look at the status bar (bottom right) and see how many spaces your tab is set to. You can click on the status bar to change it, or press cmd+shift+p (OS X) or ctrl+shift+p (Windows) to open the command pallete and type Indent to find the Indent Using Spaces option and set it to 4 (or 8, whatever you like).

  • Tnx, it works! It was set on 8. – Rayly Esta Mar 5 at 6:40

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