Some buildings will initially connect with their single sign-on based company account and we will need to determine how we can create the WSO2 account from that account information.

More description:-

The customer has informed us they want to use their own SSO server (could be SAML or OIDC).

When a user logs into the system using valid credentials from that SSO, they are allowed to connect to our systems with tenant user permissions. Other permissions can be added by a system manager.

This will probably require WSO2 to create a user store entry for this account.

If they are in the system with an external SSO, the permissions for that building are always with that SSO.

The user cannot join other accounts or link them to external entities.

Example:- The SSO is associated with a building. If XXX-YYY.COM is set up to work with a building then everyone that logs in with XXX-YYY.COM will need to have tenant users within that building. Additional permissions can be added.

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