To store the value of a directory in a .txt file I use this encryption:

$MainFolderName = 'uploads/folder1';
$key = "raf-key";
$encrypted = bin2hex(openssl_encrypt($MainFolderName,'AES-128-CBC', $key));
$decrypted = openssl_decrypt(hex2bin($encrypted),'AES-128-CBC',$key);

Store the value of $MainFolderName encrypted in file dir.txt:

$actualdir = fopen("dir.txt", "w") or die("Unable to open file!");   
$encrypted = bin2hex(openssl_encrypt($MainFolderName,'AES-128-CBC', $key));
fwrite($actualdir, $encrypted);

How can I read back the decrypted value from dir.txt with fread()? I already have this:

// Read actual dir from file "dir.txt"
$readdir = fopen("dir.txt", "r") or die("Unable to open file!");
$dir = fread($readdir,filesize("dir.txt")); // read decrypted value and bind to var $dir
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    isn't just $decrypted = openssl_decrypt(hex2bin($dir),'AES-128-CBC',$key); ? – Frankich Mar 5 at 11:14
  • no, it can't read the $encrypted anymore – mudraya katusha Mar 5 at 11:23
  • Works fine for me. Are you getting any errors? What exactly is the issue? – Andrei Mar 5 at 11:35
  • I agree! It works. It was my mistake! Thnx for the solution! – mudraya katusha Mar 5 at 11:53

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