I'm working with fluent-ffmpeg for Node and would like to add a gif image and an audio to an mp4 video. The gif added with complexFilter works as expected, but the audio does not work with the complexFilter applied. Without the complexFilter, the audio works as expected.

          "filter": "overlay",
          "options": {
            "enable": "between(t,0,4)",
            "x": "810",
            "y": "465"
          "inputs": "[0:v][1:v]",
          "outputs": "tmp"

      ], ['tmp'])

    .outputOptions(['-pix_fmt yuv420p'])
   .on('end',() => {

     return response.status(200).send(`Error getting collection: `)

   .on('error',() => {
     return response.status(500).send(`Internal Server Error: `)


Any ideas on how I can solve this?

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