purpose- want to pull all the html links from a website to create google supported sitemap xml.

my soln- using below command to extract links

wget --spider --recursive --level=inf --no-verbose --output-file=linklist.txt http://www.myexample.com/home.html

This takes a long long time to generate a full list of html links (still not able to check how much). I had interrupted the process couple of times after more than 30 hours. It has give me only around 50K links in linklist.txt in 30hours. I want some option to expedite this.

2nd - it also download files with dir www.myexample.com in my working directory which is not useful for me. Is there a way to suppress this.

Any quick help is appreciated. I am a novice, please excuse mistakes.

  • --level=inf that can't be right. – Shawn Mar 5 at 20:50

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