With using HTTP, I can develop server-to-server communication code easily. For example,

At Server1,


    // finished!

At Server2,


Using these two (curl and http response code), I don't need to write to socket connection or disconnection or socket accept. Yes, it is convenient.

However, HTTP is heavy for me. Performance matters. I don't need HTTP nor SSL. HTTP requests involves one time TCP connection and disconnect for each request.

I am looking for a simple networking module like this:

  1. Internally, If the server-to-server communication does not exists, establish one just-in-time, then send a message. If it exists, reuse it.
  2. Internally, If the server-to-server communication is unused for a long time, disconnect it.
  3. A server simply sends a message to other server, regardless of the connection exists or not.
  4. There is no relay or broker process between servers. Servers communicate directly.

I found ZeroMQ. ZeroMQ provides many networking patterns with fancy name, for example, Titanic or Espresso. I looked for which fulfills what are described above in ZeroMQ, but I cannot find it. Lazy Pirate seems to be a similar one, but it involves connection and disconnection statements.

With ZeroMQ, can I do it?

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