I have a create-react-app app and I am translation files from jsx to typescript. For example, one file is called /code/app_react/src/common/Action.jsx and I renamed it to /code/app_react/src/common/Action.tsx. I made the necessary changes to successfully convert it to tsx, but I am getting an error related to the name change:

./src/common/Action.jsx Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/code/src/common/Action.jsx'

  • rebuilding the does not help
  • for some reason, the old version of the file is expected

The file importing this file is a jsx file, but now I am importing a tsx file into it.

This is a CRA app, so is there a correct way to clear this error?

SOLUTION: I had to remove them from the git repository, using the git rm command, like this:

git rm /code/src/common/Action.jsx

Once I did that, it removed the jsx from the committed files and then I was able to use the new tsx files

  • did you import the file? import Action from '/code/app_react/src/common/Action.tsx' – Akshay Mulgavkar Mar 6 '19 at 4:33
  • Yes, this works perfectly fine when the extension is jsx – thehme Mar 6 '19 at 13:03
  • 2
    I have this issue as well. I'm importing the file without extension, and after an extension change I always get ENOENT and have to restart dev server. Very frustrating since that script is soooo slow to start. I will try to import with explicit extension after rename and see if that solves it. – Glenn Jorde Mar 22 '19 at 9:38
  • @thehme Did you find the solution for this issue? – Gmv Jul 10 '19 at 7:05
  • yes, i had to run git rm /code/src/common/Action.jsx – thehme Jul 12 '19 at 3:53

Killed my yarn process running, killed vscode, re-started both and it works

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  • Indeed. Restart is always a good solution. – Liviu Sosu Sep 19 at 19:00

I was having this problem (though I had renamed js to jsx, rather than jsx to tsx), and the solution added to the question (running git rm on the original file) didn't work for me.

What did work was suggested by this r/reactjs Reddit thread: deleting and reinstalling node_modules:

rm -rf node_modules && npm i
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Maybe you have not imported the file. You need to import the file to use it.

import Action from '/code/app_react/src/common/Action.tsx';

Also add this to your webpack.config.js.

resolve: {
    extensions: [".ts", ".tsx", ".js", ".jsx"]

You're good to go!

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    There is no webpack.config.js in an app created with create-react-app. Unless you eject or use react-rewired or some such tool. – Glenn Jorde Mar 22 '19 at 9:40

I had same issue, no need to remove node_modules or remove target file, you just have to kill the node process.

If you're on windows:

  • ctrl+alt+delete to run task manager
  • find node
  • end process

If you're on linux:

  • probably something like pkill node, etc.

After I killed the node process and ran npm start again, it finds the target file.

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I was working with redux and then came across this error!!

I tried killing node , removing node modules, restarting the laptop but it still gave the same error then later I started debugging index.js

I commented each line and started uncommenting from top to see where the code is breaking then observed

I had not installed


I had only installed react-redux

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Just restart your npm server, it will automatically detect the typescript file and make adjustments

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I had the same issue converting .jsx to .tsx. If you're using Parcel to build your app, delete the .cache folder. That's where Parcel caches build files. That fixed it for me.

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