I'm trying to write a Python script to read data from a JSON file, do some calculations with it and then write output to a new JSON file. But I can't seem to automate the JSON reading process. I get this error. Could you please help me with this issue? Thank you very much

TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not str


      "male": {
            "jack": {
                  "id": "001",
                  "telephone": "+31 2225 345",
                  "address": "10 Street, Aukland",
                  "balance": "1500"
            "john": {
                  "id": "002",
                  "telephone": "+31 6542 365",
                  "address": "Main street, Hanota",
                  "balance": "2500"

      "female": {
            "kay": {
                  "id": "00",
                  "telephone": "+31 6542 365",
                  "address": "Main street, Kiro",
                  "balance": "500"


with open("q.json") as datafile:
    data = json.load(datafile)

    a = ['male', 'female']
    b = ['jack', 'john', 'kay']
    c = ['id', 'telephone', 'address', 'balance']

  • What do you want to print there? – Klaus D. Mar 6 '19 at 6:48
  • @KlausD. male -> John -> telephone – brabbit640 Mar 6 '19 at 6:51
  • print(data[a[0]][b[1]][c[1]]) ? --> Note: keys are case sensitive – Rakesh Mar 6 '19 at 6:52
  • If you get json data via data = json.load(datafile), data will be dict type. So you can access male -> John -> telephone with data['Male']['John']['telephone']. – Ellisein Mar 6 '19 at 6:53

If I understand you correctly, you really want to print data from the JSON, not your intermediary arrays.


print(data['Male'])  # will print the entire Male subsection
print(data['Male']['Jack'])  # will print the entire Jack record
print(data['Male']['Jack']['telephone'])  # will print Jack's telephone

But to relate that with your intermediary arrays too:

print(data[a[0]])  # will print the entire Male subsection
print(data[a[0]][b[0]])  # will print the entire Jack record
print(data[a[0]][b[0]][c[0]])  # will print Jack's telephone

assuming that you declare a correctly:

a = ['Male', 'Female']  # Notice the capitals
  • Thanks for your quick reply. I want to relate to arrays because that's how I intend to iterate through the array. Thanks so much :) – brabbit640 Mar 6 '19 at 7:04
  • You can also iterate through the dictionary: for key, value in data.items(). This will give you males first, then females. iterating again through the value would give you persons and iterating again each person's details – velis Mar 6 '19 at 8:36

I dont know, how you access data in your code, because you directly write hard coded values into a, b and c. In addition, you could print out your test via: print(a[1], b[1], c[1]).

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