I am testing web blue tooth through


one of the use cases there is from the browser, it should be able to detect BLE devices and extract the battery service, which should provide a facility to determine battery level of bluetooth connected device,

However during scanning, the site cannot detect my mobile phone, I have read that Web bluetooth only supports BLE

is this compatibility issues? Upon reading i see that Blue tooth 5 of galaxy note9 is supports BLE or am i wrong?

  • Have you tried pairing your mobile phone to the device running the browser?
    – Nabster
    Mar 10, 2019 at 14:33

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As far as I know, Galaxy Note 9 supports BLE. As per to the documentation, even though the Web Bluetooth API specification is not finalized yet, the Google Chrome team still in progress for the implementation. It is suggested to use the navigator.bluetooth.requestDevice function that takes a mandatory Object that defines filters. These filters are used to return only devices that match some advertised Bluetooth GATT services and/or the device name. From this, you can check if your device is compatible with Web Bluetooth API specification.


Your phone does not advertise BLE packets automatically. You should have an app that starts BLE advertising.


Your Phone needs to simulate a BLE device and send advertisements of the specific service. In this case the batter_service.

You can use the BLE Peripheral Simulater for testing

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