I'm making a DecorationBox inside my Container(), I have added everything and the image is coming up fine but there is one problem, even after a lot of trials there is some white space which is always there inside the DecorationBox.

This is my code :

   height: 66.0,
   width: 66.0,
   padding: EdgeInsets.all(0.0),
   decoration: BoxDecoration(
      borderRadius: BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(5.0)),
      border: Border.all(color: Theme.of(context).primaryColor),
      image: DecorationImage(
         fit: BoxFit.cover,
         image: AssetImage("MY_URL")

The result which is coming is :

Resultant picture

I have tried giving removing padding by this code in my Container() :

   padding: EdgeInsets.all(0.0)

I have followed this link for my problem solution, Image is not taking up space in AlertBox since it was the case of AlerBox hence I could use the elements named as contentPadding which is not available. Kindly help me with the same how to achieve my solution. Thanks

Here is my image, you can use it and let me know if it works for you.

Image used for the problem

  • Then there is one question arises @anmol.majhail, I need to give out the height and width to the box, and for this, I can only do via my container. However, I have used the same thing in my child, that is, child: DecoratedBox(), but it came like the above only. – Alok Mar 6 at 8:41
  • 1
    Your image is a PNG with alpha (transparent) padding. You might want to crop it and save as new image, – TruongSinh Mar 7 at 3:58

The issue may be the image you're using. I'm not sure if it's just a quirk of the upload, but the image you've linked has a border of empty space with a slight shadow to it. Try cropping the image and see if it helps


You can use ClipOval widget and have child as the Image.asset directly. You can also do away with the Container and BoxDecoration. Here's the updated and working code:

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: Center(
                child: Image.asset('assets/jnvVQ.png', height: 90.0,width: 90.0,),

I passed the height and width to the Image directly instead of having a Container with those specs. And I see the image properly wrapped:

enter image description here

You can edit the height and width per your needs.

  • OP is welcome to correct me if I'm mistaken, but this doesn't produce the desired effect. The question has a cropped down version of the image with just the middle square of content, this has the entire image centred in a larger white square. You can see this if you wrap your ClipOval in a Container(color: white) and set the Scaffold to black - it's the same issue, but with more whitespace and no cropping happening at all – greyaurora Mar 7 at 12:03
  • Alternatively changing ClipOval to ClipRRect and adding fit: BoxFit.none in your example does seem to give something pretty close to what OP is asking for, provided the image content is smaller than the height of the clipper and you don't need to stretch the image – greyaurora Mar 7 at 12:06

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