I want to export the results of whos command into a tlist inside Scilab:

Name                     Type           Size           Bytes        

%_k                      constant       1x1            0            
%_LG_all                 string         141x1          0            
%_lhs                    constant       1x1            0            
%_nams                   string         133x1          0            
%_nams_all               string         141x1          0            
%_nams_global            string         8x1            0            
%_rhs                    constant       1x1            0            
%_sz                     string         1x1            0            
%_typ                    constant       1x1            0 

In Unix lingo it is called pipeing done with | operator. But I don't know how to do this in Scilab. I would appreciate if you could help me with this.

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You can edit the source code of whos itself (it is written in the Scilab language) :

--> edit whos

by adding an output to this function

function out=whos(%_opt,%_sel)

and the following instruction at line 118

out(%_k) = struct("name",%_nams_all(%_k),"type",%_typn,...

you will get what you want. Of course, you can also create a tlist...


  • Thanks a lot, but why this is not the default behavior? I think Scilab has a lot of inconsistencies which could be resolved if there was a real repository with issue tracking and pull requests... Commented Mar 21, 2019 at 11:21
  • 1
    The place for issues and wishes is bugzilla.scilab.org. Pull requests are at codereview.scilab.org Commented Mar 22, 2019 at 7:50
  • Thanks a lot. I wish we could have you here on SO more often. you just solved two of my main issues. With this whos thing now I can manipulate variables without defining them as global. Commented Mar 22, 2019 at 7:53

I found a very ugly workaround. There is a diary function which exports the last couple of sdout entries to a file. By using regular expression and some file magic I could get the whos output as a matrix:

WhosExp = "/([\%\_\#\!\$\?a-zA-Z]+[\%\_\#\!\$\?a-zA-Z0-9]*)\s+(constant|polynomial|function|handle|string|boolean|list|rational|state\-space|sparse|boolean sparse|hypermat|st|ce|fptr|pointer|size implicit|library|int8|uint8|int16|uint16|int32|uint32|\_EObj|\_EVoid)\*?\s+((\d+)x(\d+)|\?)?\s+(\d+)/"

TempFile = TMPDIR + '/TempDiary.txt';

TempID = mopen(TempFile, 'rt'); 
TempInfo = fileinfo(TempFile)
TempString = mgetstr(TempInfo(1), TempID);
[start, final, match, foundString] = regexp(TempString, WhosExp);

The foundString is the matrix/list which can be turned into a tlis if required.

P.S. it is really sad that the Scilab community is so deserted. Every time I ask a question I answer myself.

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