I have a question and I hope someone can help me. I want to extract all motion vectors in P_type mocroblock in a P_frame during encoding h264 video with libx264 (x264). libx264 uses X264Context in the function x264_frame to encode video. Then, I want to know how can I access to macroblocks in a picture and how to access to motion vectors table on this picture while using the X264Context struct. With MpegEncContext we can access them while using MpegEncContext struct's mb_type, *mvs[2], mb_width, mb_height and mb_stride. But I don't know how to have such informations ( mb_type, *mvs[2], mb_width, mb_height and mb_stride) with X264Context struct.

Please I need your help.



You can't do this with libx264 because it doesn't provide API to get this information (MVs) from it.

  • Ok. But I want to know if there is an encoder on ffmpeg used to encode h264 format? Enlight me please. – Enock Mar 7 at 7:58

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