I have recently started to implement .NET Core HealthChecks into by Web API project. The port that Kestrel should listen on is currently configured by the Linux service that runs the app (so it is passed through to the Startup class using the --server.urls command line parameter) ie

ExecStart=/usr/share/dotnet/dotnet /api/dev/MyApi.Web.dll --server.urls

I have written a healthcheck that checks various endpoints that the API exposes and ensures that they are returning an HTTP 200 OK result.

I need to be able to access the port that kestrel is listening on so that I can fire off web requests to each endpoint ie http://localhost:{port}/endpoint. Does anybody know of a way to achieve this or am I better off just storing the port that Kestrel should listen on in appsettings.json and accessing it via IConfiguration?

  • You shouldn't do that on runtime. The port on which kestrel is meaningless in most cases. When it runs in Docker, it would be only the internal port and not the one exposed outside, when running behind a reverse proxy (nginx, IIS), the requests will use the port exposed by the proxy. Its a pretty unreliable source of information – Tseng Mar 6 at 15:01
  • Hi Tseng, thanks. I would agree IF I was firing web request out and back in again, but if I'm sending them to localhost I'd need the port number wouldn't I? – pr.lwd Mar 6 at 15:05
  • That wouldn't be true in case you use docker, since the exposed port would be the one reachable from the docker host and not the internal port within container will break, when change your hosting (i.e. docker or reverse proxy). Anyways the server.urls should be accessible via Configuration["server:urls"] if you the AddCommandLine configuration is included (which is by default unless you Opt-out from using WebHost.CreateDefaultBuilder(args) and not add it then) – Tseng Mar 6 at 15:15
  • Fair point. I'm not even sure that testing endpoint response codes in the application itself is even the right thing to do so might end up binning this altogether. Thanks for your comments. – pr.lwd Mar 6 at 15:17
  • Also remember, that the value passed to --server.urls may not be the value actually used (IIS Middleware may set a different port, of course only when hosted in IIS) – Tseng Mar 6 at 15:31

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