$content = Content::findFirst([
   'conditions' => 'state = :state: AND URLid = :url: AND city = :city:',
   'bind'       => [
        'state' => $geodata_usstates->statecode,
        'url'   => $company,
        'city'  => $geodata_geocity->city

I want to dump the query generated for this. If I were using Laravel, I would simply do


But here I'm using Phalcon. How can I achieve the same thing in Phalcon?


Query is not available in your model. Query is build based on model using query builder, passed to Query instance and executed against your db connection.

What you could do is use the events manager and read using the db:beforeQuery event

Example here https://forum.phalconphp.com/discussion/18371/check-the-connection-before-querying-into-database


I don't believe you can output the complete query, because it's a prepared query - thus the best you'd get is:

SELECT * FROM `content` WHERE state = ? AND URLid = ? AND city = ? LIMIT 1

Personally, I don't bother trying to log queries in code. I've enabled the query log on my MariaDB server, and just check the log. The query logged is guaranteed to be the query run.

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