I'm relatively new to javascript and ASP.NET. I am trying to call a C# function from a webpage via PageMethods in javascript when a button is pressed.

When I load my page initially, the WebMethod does not appear to be called upon the button press. The following is the typical sequence of events:

1st button press - javascript is executed, but WebMethod is not called (or at least it doesn't appear to run)

2nd button press - javascript is executed and WebMethod runs (a SQL entry is inserted). However, I do not get a response message on the web page - none of the alerts in the below snippet are generated.

3rd button press - javascript is executed, WebMethod runs and success is returned.

Subsequent button presses - same as 3rd button press

The above sequence of events is not 100% repeatable. Sometimes I'll get a success message on the second click. I've had a few instances where I've received a failure 2 message on the second click. The behavior of the first click appears to be completely repeatable. Also, it also always appears to work as intended after the 2nd or 3rd click, and all subsequent clicks.

I've been searching this site among others for hours trying to understand what I'm doing wrong and I've yet to find it. Any suggestions would be most welcomed!

Code snippets are as follows:

    public static string UpdateAuditDB()
        //SQL command removed...
        return "success";

<script type="text/javascript">
        function audit_button() {
            PageMethods.UpdateAuditDB(onSuccess, onFailure);

        function onSuccess(result) {
            if (result == "success") {                   
            else {
                alert('Failure message 1');


        function onFailure(result) {
            alert('Failure message 2');

<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1"

<input class="inlineButtons" tabindex="40" title="auditButton" id="auditButton" type="submit" value="Audit" onclick="audit_button();" />

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