In laravel 5.7, session is getting disappeared after redirecting to another page. I am working on an application in which I am pushing users to the payment gateway page before which I am storing the data in a session as per laravel documentation. After coming back from the payment gateway when I try to retrieve that session it returns empty. Can anyone please tell me how can I resolve this issue.

My code is something like this

public function processPayment(Request $request)
    session()->put('order_checkout_data', [
        'gateway' => 'paypal',
        'data' => $paypalData

    //$request->session()->save();  <!-- This i tried after reading some solution but didnt help

    //print_r(session('order_checkout_data')) <!-- I can see the session here

    $paypal = new PayPal();
    $response = $paypal->purchase($paypalData);

    if ($response->isRedirect()) {
        $response->redirect(); //This is where redireting to paypal

public function handleGatewayResponse(Request $request){
    print_r(session('order_checkout_data')); //No data

I tried with session global function and facade as well , like these

Session::put('order_checkout_data', [
            'gateway' => 'paypal',
            'data' => $paypalData

and also

            'gateway' => 'paypal',
            'data' => $paypalData

But no value. My env settings likes this


I tried to go through some of the links with a similar problem but that didn't help. Here are the links that I have followed :

  • Do the handleGatewayResponse method is called by the PayPal servers ? If so it's normal that your session is empty as they are 2 different clients (one is the user and the other PayPal) – Adrien Mar 6 at 16:35
  • handleGatewayResponse is the function handle the response that is being redirected by PayPal gateway after successful payment. But i still think the session should persist with the application right ? since it is not a flash session. – user7747472 Mar 6 at 16:37
  • Can you add the code from $response->redirect(); to your question and try return $response->redirect(); – Remul Mar 6 at 16:42
  • You can try to use something like this: return redirect()->route('your route', $response); – mindmaster Mar 6 at 16:46
  • @Remul $response->redirect(); is a method of paypal package SDK. It is gatway default function. I am using this package github.com/thephpleague/omnipay – user7747472 Mar 6 at 16:48

When you use sessions, a SESSION_ID (or similar) cookie is sent to the browser to know what session is associated with each request.

Your processPayment method is called after a request from a user (it's certainly your js script that issues the request but it's the same), and you store data in the session linked to this particular user.

After PayPal finished its job, it does a request to a callback URL. This request is done by PayPal but not by your user you stored the data for. PayPal has no idea of the session cookie, so Laravel start a new empty session.

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