I am trying to get the characters '-' and ':' to show up when I draw text on an image so I can have the date and time show up properly formatted. When I run the python code and all that to set up the text it is exactly how I want it, I printed it to the screen. When the command is run though, the date and time don't show, at least when I try drawing this: 2018-12-12 T03:20:40 What shows up on the image is 12 T

This is an example of the ':' and '-' characters having a problem

ffmpeg -y -i TifImageLoc -vf vflip,drawtext=fontfile=C:WINDOWS\Fonts\sserife.fon:fontsize=200:fontcolor=white:x=(w-text_w)/2:y=(h-texth-texth)/2:text="Hello\-\ \:World" -frranes:v 1 output1.tif

When this is run I want the result of Hello- :World to be drawn on the image, but the actual result is Hello perfectly centered on the picture

How do you draw the '-' and ':' to an image using FFmpeg so that a date in this 2018-12-12 T03:20:40 format can be on the image?

  • I might have found an answer to this question, I've been banging my head on the wall for the past couple hours trying to figure this out – SPYBUG96 Mar 6 at 19:53
  • Double escape the characters. – Gyan Mar 7 at 4:47
  • @Gyan I needed to triple escape them, '\\\:' and '\\\-' works – SPYBUG96 Mar 7 at 17:43

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