Rails version: 4.0.13

Devise version: 3.2.0

When a user tries to view a page which they are not authorized to view, my application redirects them to a sign in page.

If the user is not signed in, I want to:

  1. Not redirect the user to a new URL and
  2. Return a '401 Unauthorized' response with an empty body

So far, I tried to override authenticate_user! like so:

class BaseApiController < ActionController::Base
  before_filter :authenticate_user!

  def authenticate_user!
    head :unauthorized

However, while this does return a '401 Unauthorized', it also redirects to the sign in URL first.

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Building off @vinyl's answer, the following will return a 401 without redirecting if the user is not signed in:

# lib/custom_failure.rb
class CustomFailure < Devise::FailureApp
  def respond

# config/initializers/devise.rb
config.warden do |manager|
  manager.failure_app = CustomFailure

You can customize respond to redirect in some cases and throw 401 cases in others. For my use case, the following was sufficient:

class CustomFailure < Devise::FailureApp
  def respond
    if request.env['REQUEST_PATH'].start_with?('/api')

I don't understand why overriding authenticate_user! did not work here.

  • Rails 5.2 and 6.0 do not use request.env['REQUEST_PATH']. And in any case, it's better to use the public methods provided for ActionDispatch::Request when available. Try using request.original_fullpath.start_with?('/api').
    – moveson
    Commented Jul 5, 2020 at 16:37

Is this what you're looking for?


This still redirects a user, although you can control where that redirect goes.

  • This looks like it's in the right direction, but is not enough for me to solve my issue. I'm investigating it more closely though.
    – Ceasar
    Commented Mar 6, 2019 at 22:17
  • I'm curious what you're expecting a user to see/experience when they try to access a URL protected by authentication if there's no redirect. Are you working with an API only codebase?
    – vinyl
    Commented Mar 6, 2019 at 22:24
  • No, some routes are API routes (begin with /api/v1/) and other routes are a normal Rails app. If a user is not logged in and tries to access an API route, I want them to see a 401 and not be redirected anywhere.
    – Ceasar
    Commented Mar 6, 2019 at 22:28

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