I saw this in java code.
"anObject?.property" and "anObject?.getProperty()".

I have tried look for it online. But could not find any. What does "?." mean here in Java?

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    This doesn't exist in Java. Are you sure it wasn't something else, like Kotlin or Scala? – Tom Mar 6 at 21:53
  • If it was actually Kotlin, then this has your answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/43826699/… – Tom Mar 6 at 22:04
  • This isn't core Java, but it would be present in Groovy, Kotlin, or EL, among others. – chrylis -on strike- Mar 6 at 22:09
  • You guys are right. It is in groovy file. Since most groovy code are kinda in/similar to Java. So I was confused. – user11162261 Mar 7 at 18:16
  • Would you mind accepting an answer or comment to ask for more ? – azro Mar 21 at 21:49

This does not exists is Java

You may find this in Kotlin and this is called null safety

val a = "Kotlin"
val b: String? = null

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