I am looking for a package where I can use to convert the audio file from mp4 to wav simultaneously while also cropping the file using python.

I have seen some posts about using ffmpeg to do the conversion but I dont seem to be able to run ffmpeg within python, and when converted to wav the files become around 10 times bigger which is kind of a storage issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions except for pipelining it?

  • So the actual problem is that you can't get ffmpeg to run in your python code? – llogan Mar 7 at 18:23
  • what I found out that ffmpeg can do is that it converts the file and writes it somewhere. can it also convert it to wav and write some portion of it to some array for further processing?@llogan – fastali Mar 8 at 6:08
  • It can output to a pipe or named pipe. See FFmpeg Protocols for other options. Why do you not want to use a pipe? – llogan Mar 8 at 17:59
  • @llogan it is not a good idea to use pipes with such large files. pipes do have limited capacity and files Im handling easily go up to hundreds of megabytes. – fastali Mar 12 at 15:55
  • Don't rely on the capacity: make sure the reading app consumes the data fast enough that the writing is not blocked. – llogan Mar 12 at 16:20

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