Is it possible to have different config.xml files for live, staging and dev versions of the site.

Im thinking that there should be a live.xml, local.xml and staging.xml and these should be set up once and then controlled via htaccess environment variable or something

Is this possible?


No, nothing supports this out of the box with Magento, and there's no module I know of that offers this functionality.

You could implement a version of this if you wanted to. All of Magento's config files are (or should be, don't hold me to it) loaded via the Mage_Core_Model_Config class.

#File: app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Config.php
public function loadModulesConfiguration($fileName, $mergeToObject = null, $mergeModel=null)
    $disableLocalModules = !$this->_canUseLocalModules();

    if ($mergeToObject === null) {
        $mergeToObject = clone $this->_prototype;
    if ($mergeModel === null) {
        $mergeModel = clone $this->_prototype;
    $modules = $this->getNode('modules')->children();
    foreach ($modules as $modName=>$module) {
        if ($module->is('active')) {
            if ($disableLocalModules && ('local' === (string)$module->codePool)) {
            $configFile = $this->getModuleDir('etc', $modName).DS.$fileName;
            if ($mergeModel->loadFile($configFile)) {
                $mergeToObject->extend($mergeModel, true);
    return $mergeToObject;

You could create a class rewrite for this model that would alter the $filename based on environment, and then load the appropriate configuration file.

While it's an interesting idea, I don't think it's a good one. Differences in environment is something that should be handled on a deployment level, and a module's config.xml file shouldn't have any environment specific information in it anyways. Environment specific information is kept in one location


Your build/deploy system should modify local.xml as needed depending on which environment you're deploying to.

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