I am creating a collapsable n-level tree structure in ionic 3 app. The problem is whenever I click on a child item to open, then it closes the parent item. Below is my code.

I have taken reference from here and here.


    <ng-template #recursiveList let-list>
        *ngFor="let item of list; let i = index"
        class="test{{ item.id }}"
        [ngClass]="{ active: isGroupShown(item.id) }"
        <span (click)="toggleGroup(item.id)">
              isGroupShown(item.id) ? 'arrow-dropdown' : 'arrow-dropright'
          {{ item.title }}
        <ion-list *ngIf="isGroupShown(item.id)">
          <ng-container *ngIf="item.children.length > 0">
                context: { $implicit: item.children }
    *ngTemplateOutlet="recursiveList; context: { $implicit: list }"


toggleGroup(group) {
  if (this.isGroupShown(group)) {
    this.shownGroup = null;
  } else {
    this.shownGroup = group;
isGroupShown(group) {
  return this.shownGroup === group;

Note: I have added id element in list array manually.

  • angular make you indicate it to do. You has an unique variable "group" and compare all with this variable. use (click)="item.select=!item.select" and replace yours isGroupShown(item.id) by item.select – Eliseo Mar 14 at 12:26
  • @Eliseo will you please elaborate your solution in my code as your answer? Because there is no item.select in my item JSON variable, and I don't know why my question has been downvoted. – Alpesh Trivedi Mar 14 at 13:36
  • Your "items" needn't has "select" property. They are object, so, the property "select" is added automatically. I'm sorry, I downvoted your question because I feel you has not do any try to resolve, It's look like you copy and paste a code similar and lauch the question in stackoverflow. Don't worry, I remove the downvote when the system allow me, but I won't put the code with the response. Try resolve it yourself – Eliseo Mar 14 at 14:12
  • @Eliseo thanks for your reply, but I want to let you know that I haven't just copy and paste the code as you can see in my code. FYI I haven't asked question instantly in StackOverflow... I have tried it for a massive 3 days, after that, I have posted the question here, and I don't have much experience in IONIC :) BTW thanks – Alpesh Trivedi Mar 15 at 9:32

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