I am working on a Microsoft Business intelligence solution that has a on-prem staging and datawarehouse, ssis packages locally and an Azure analysis services SSAS tabular cube and power bi reports using the ssas azure cube as data source.

To deploy this solution on the platform of one of our customer we can't using vsts or visual studio deploy. We have to manually create two dacpac (stage,dw) and ispac, further we must create or update the azure analysis cube and publish power bi reports to the power bi services.

It had been very nice to have 1) a powershell script that could produce all the files and packed it into folder and sent it my onedrive account. the next thing will be for me to connect to the database on prem server (through citrix login and further rdp to the server) could start a second powershell script on the on prem server that could unpack all things and update the stage and datawarehouse databases and ssisdb catalog, and update azure ssas and publish power bi reports (this could be done on the first powershell if that is more suitable)

I guess some of you may have done this in a way and can guide me or may be some example scripts to share.

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