In the following video it's explained that fields will automatically use the default locale if only 1 locale is available: https://www.contentful.com/developers/bits-and-bytes/#localized-content-in-your-contentful-application

I'm using the contentful-management.js API.

However, when I run space.getEntries({ "sys.id": id }) I get {title: {en-US: "Some text"}} in return. My expected outcome would be {title: "Some text"}.

Even when I send space.getEntries({ "sys.id": id, locale: "en-US" }) I get the same result.

This happens for both getEntries and getEntry.

"Enable localization of this field" has not even been enabled on the "Content model".

Does the behaviour in contentful.js differ from contentful-management.js or is there something I've missed?


I found an answer and contentful-management.js does not automatically handle localization and therefore differs from contentful.js

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