Assume a system with 6 bit virtual address and 16 byte pages per frame. The mapping of virtual page numbers to physical page of a process is:

Virtual Page       Physical Page
     0                   8
     1                   3
     2                   11
     3                   1

Translate the virtual address 40 (which is in decimal) to physical address in decimal.

From the 6 bit virtual address, I know there are 2^6 addresses in the virtual address space.

And there are 2^4 bytes pages per frame.

So there are (2^6)/(2^4) = 2^2 bytes to each address page and that means there is a 4 bit offset.

However, I do not know where to go on from there and use the table to translate the virtual address to physical address in decimal.



If we interpret this address for the VM 000.000010.1000b.
offset=1000b (4LSB)
virtual page number=000010 (6 next bits)

So virtual page number=2. If we look at the page table, we see that virtual page 2 maps to physical page 11=001011b

Hence physical address will be 00.001011.1000=8+16+32+128=184d

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