I am trying to cross compile with arm-none-eabi-gcc on windows using cmake, and for some reason find_package() is searching versions of all the directories in my $PATH and not the CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH I provided in the toolchain file. specifically, in the toolchain file I have the following lines:

SET(CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX "C:/toolchains/cm0p_root" CACHE PATH "Cmake install prefix")

I compiled and installed my library with the same toolchain, and everything was installed correctly to the cmp0_root directory.

My projects CMakeLists.txt file has this in it:

find_package(myLIB REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(testProject PUBLIC myLIB::myLIB)

and find_package() fails to find the library. It succeeds if I put either of the two versions with HINTS or PATHS

find_package(myLIB REQUIRED HINTS /)
find_package(myLIB REQUIRED PATHS "C:/toolchains/cm0p_root")

and using the command line option -D CMAKE_FIND_DEBUG_MODE=ON I can see it is searhcing the following paths:

Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/git-sdk-64/mingw64/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/Users/myname/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/Program Files/ConEmu/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/Python/Python36-32/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/Python/Python36-32/Scripts/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/Windows/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/LLVM/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/Program Files (x86)/IAR Systems/Embedded Workbench 8.0/common/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/Program Files (x86)/IAR Systems/Embedded Workbench 8.0/avr/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/Program Files (x86)/IAR Systems/Embedded Workbench 8.2/arm/]
Checking prefix [C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/Program Files (x86)/MSBuild/12.0/Bin/]

and many more, but it is clear that CMake is prefixing the FIND_ROOT_PATH to the beginning of all my windows $PATH variables! the list is a lot longer but it never searches C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/ which is what I need (I guess why the hint works).

How do I get CMake to not search all these directories? I am cross compiling, and as far as I know it should only be searching my "fake" root directory since CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_PACKAGE is set to ONLY

  • Variable CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH denotes root directory for search, but actual prefixes are computed by appending to root directory some subdirectories. You may find algorithm of computing prefix in the find_package documentation. By default, CMake doesn't search under / subdirectory, so your root directory doesn't interpreted by CMake as a search prefix. You add / to the variable CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, so your root path will be also treated as a prefix. – Tsyvarev Mar 8 at 13:28
  • I was confusing the CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH and <prefix>, thinking that the root path was used as the prefix in the search paths from the documentation. Re-reading it after your comment it makes a lot more sense. so a better toolchain snippet would add the line: set(CMAKE_SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH /) ? I used CMAKE_SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH since it seems better for a toolchain file, the docs say that CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH is supposed to be set in the project. – CrustyAuklet Mar 8 at 17:55
  • Hm, I am not sure what is the intended usage of variable CMAKE_SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH, but according to its documentation, it looks like to be exactly for a toolchain. BTW, why do you install your program exactly into the root directory? It is like you install something into C:/. Usually, on Windows C:/Program Files/<program-name> is used as an install prefix. What is OS for which you are cross-compiling? – Tsyvarev Mar 8 at 22:34
  • I am not installing directly into the root, but using the GNUInstallDirs module. so headers are put into C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/include, libraries into C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/lib, cmake config files to C:/toolchains/cm0p_root/share/<name>*/ and so on. I am cross compiling for bare metal ARM cortex and AVRs. I am hoping to use a "sysroot" where I can install packages to, so that I don't need huge monolithic source trees. For example a simple real time scheduler I use needs to be replicated in every source tree, but it would be nice to compile and "install" it once per architecture. – CrustyAuklet Mar 8 at 22:47
  • 1
    set(CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME Generic) and set(CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR cortex-m0plus) which should set CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING to true. but again, not compiling for linux, just a bare metal device. Maybe internally is constructs prefixes in the windows way unless is is explicitly set to linux. This seems like a bad idea since most bare metal toolchains I know of use the gnu folder structure (even on windows). – CrustyAuklet Mar 8 at 23:58

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