I have this String result:tie,player:paper,computer:paper

I guess you could split into arrays and make a object and parse it an object, however this does not seem to be a good approach.

How would I get this String as a object?

let string = "result:tie,player:paper,computer:paper"
  • You should just split on , and then split on :. – meagar Mar 8 at 1:43

For this particular string, I'd turn the string into proper JSON by surrounding the keys and values with "s, and then use JSON.parse:

const string = "result:tie,player:paper,computer:paper";
const json = '{' + string.replace(/(\w+):(\w+)/g, `"$1":"$2"`) + '}';

Though, ideally, whatever serves you that string should be giving you something in JSON format, rather than forcing you to resort to a hacky method like this to deal with a broken input.

  • Accepting in 10 minutes, pure beauty – Jonas Grønbek Mar 8 at 1:44
  • I am returning a buffer from a python script to a JS. Don't think the library I'm using for that supports JSON. – Jonas Grønbek Mar 8 at 1:47
  • It's still an X/Y problem - probably good to research (or ask) how to do the conversion python-side, it seems odd that a library that outputs objects wouldn't provide any ability to output a generic serialized object (that is, JSON format). – CertainPerformance Mar 8 at 1:51
  • On side note: Nice trick but this will fail in case if key is containing non word character xyz@123: some value – Code Maniac Mar 8 at 2:15
  • @JonasGrønbek Can you clarify if the object can contain non-word properties/values, or :s or ,s that aren't part of the key-value separators? – CertainPerformance Mar 8 at 2:18

Split on ,, iterate through, and split each string on : and make an object key/value property based on that. Use destructuring for simplicity:

let string = "result:tie,player:paper,computer:paper";
let obj = {};
let propsArr = string.split(",");
propsArr.forEach(s => {
  var [key, value] = s.split(":");
  obj[key] = value;



Split on the , to get key:value tokens, split those by : to get the key and value, and add them to the reduced object that collects the key value pairs.

var temp = "result:tie,player:paper,computer:paper";

var obj = temp.split(',').reduce((result, token)=>{
  var [key, value] = token.split(':');
  result[key] = value;
  return result;
}, {});


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