I'm trying to import Amazon fine food reviews dataset into colab notebook, but it is not getting loaded when I list the datasets, how to get this dataset? Any help would be appreciated.

I followed this link Using kaggle datasets into Google Colab

and it did not show all datasets, and i tried to search using kaggle dataset -s, It did not show anything.

  • Please share a notebook that shows what you tried and the error that you encountered. – Bob Smith Mar 8 at 23:33
from google.colab import drive

# Reading our CSV File
df=pd.read_csv("/content/drive/..."Your Path"../Reviews.csv")
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    It would be helpful to explicitly ask your question in text form in addition to your code. – Daniel Sims Mar 27 at 14:03

Use this:

!kaggle datasets download -d snap/amazon-fine-food-reviews

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