I'm developing a Python package using Poetry with the following structure:


All the package code is inside packagename.py, which is imported in __init__.py.

I want to add a CLI and my goal is to execute the following in the command line:

<packagename> <packagefunction>

To do so, I used the click package for Python and wrote my <packagefunction> inside packagename.py as:

 def packagefunction():

Currently, I have added entry points into poetry configuration file as:

<packagefunction> = '<packagename>:<packagefunction>'

and run:

poetry run <packagefunction>

which execute perfectly.

However, I know this is not the correct way to do it and I want the CLI to execute with the commands shown above.

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To achieve the command line you are after you, you can use a:


import click

def main():
    """packagename cli"""

And then to use the group, you can use @main.command() decorator like:

def packagefunction():
    """packagefunction subcommand"""

instead of @click.command() decorator.

Poetry scripts

To have poetry install packagename command and call the main group in the packagename module:

# command_name = module_for_handler : function_for_handler
<packagename> = '<packagename>:<main>'

instead of:

<packagefunction> = '<packagename>:<packagefunction>'
  • Had to add following [tool.poetry] packages = [ { include = "packagename", from="." }, ] Otherwise poetry couldn't run the script with poetry run packagefunction
    – klapshin
    Jan 23 at 18:23

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