Github release the draft PR a while ago.

I have a normal PR and I wanted to change that to a draft PR. How can I do that?

  • Given that you select that on creation, if you don't see anything in the PR UI, you probably can't. – jonrsharpe Mar 8 at 20:44

I have reached to github support to check if this is possible, here is the answer

Thanks for reaching out!

I'm afraid it isn't currently possible to convert a standard pull request to a draft pull request.

That said, we really appreciate feedback on how we can make GitHub even better, and I can definitely see how this would be useful.

I can't make any promises as to if or when this might be implemented, but I have added your feedback to our feature request list, and will share it with the team for consideration.

Thanks again for sharing your suggestion!

So not right now but it might in the future.


You can't change now, but you can follow the feature request from GitHub Community:

Feature Request Switch from ready to draft in pull requests

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