I am looking to get the contents of a file I pushed as an artifact to Azure DevOps

I was able to get a json response with a URL to the artifact zip by using this API


However, what I really want is the contents of a file called bundlesizes.json within this zip.

I did come across the Get File API here which mentions an API as follows

GET https://dev.azure.com/{organization}/{project}/_apis/build/builds/{buildId}/artifacts?artifactName={artifactName}&fileId={fileId}&fileName={fileName}&api-version=5.0

I tried replacing it as follows


However, I get this error enter image description here

I think what I am missing is the fileId field, where I am not aware what needs to go in. The documentation says fileId is the The primary key for the file. However, I don't know where I can find it.

  • Just checking in to see if the information provided was helpful. Please let us know if you would like further assistance. – Leo Liu-MSFT Mar 20 at 7:28

Access file content within an Azure Dev Ops/VSTS artifact using REST API

If you are using the Publish Build Artifacts task, GetFile API is not supported.

We could use GetArtifacts API to get the details of artifactName (The default in the tasks is drop), type and download URL. But the download URL is for a zip and not individual files.

Azure DevOps team don't have publicly documented and supported APIs for individual file downloads, but only support zip download.

Besides, The GetFile API is supported for "Azure Pipeline Artifacts" which can be uploaded using the Publish Pipeline Artifacts task.

You can check the difference from here:

What is the difference between build and pipeline artifacts?

Hope this helps.

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