The easiest way to describe what I'm doing is essentially to follow this tutorial: Import a CSV file into a Cloud Bigtable table, but in the section where they start the Dataflow job, they use Java:

mvn package exec:exec \
    -DCsvImport \
    -Dbigtable.projectID=YOUR_PROJECT_ID \
    -Dbigtable.instanceID=YOUR_INSTANCE_ID \
    -Dbigtable.table="YOUR_TABLE_ID" \
    -DinputFile="YOUR_FILE" \

Is there a way to do this particular step in python? The closest I could find was the apache_beam.examples.wordcount example here, but ultimately I'd like to see some code where I can add some customization into the Dataflow job using Python.


There is a connector for writing to Cloud Bigtable, which you can use as a starting point for importing CSV files.


Google Dataflow does not have a Python connector for BigTable.

Here is a link to the Apache Beam connectors for both Java and Python:

Built-in I/O Transforms


I'd suggest doing something like this.

DataFrame.to_gbq(destination_table, project_id, chunksize=10000, verbose=True, reauth=False, if_exists='fail', private_key=None)

You will find all parameters, and explanations of each, in the link below.


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    In no way does this answer the question. Dataflow doesn't use pandas DataFrames, and BigQuery is a very different storage solution from Bigtable. – Robert Lacok Mar 13 at 14:28

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