These questions are about radio resource allocation and consumption during USSD communication. Things are located on different layers and should not interfere; yet we recently put live a service (end of call balance notification) with a USSD push that really degraded our KPIs on signaling while the same service with a SMS MT has much less impact.

Q1 - USSD push: Is there a difference (on the radio level) between a session-less USSD message that is pushed to a MS and a SMS MT? On our USSD platform there is a "session duration" parameter, but if set to 0 (no session) does a USSD push equal a SMS MT?

Q2 - Q/R USSD traffic: In case of "query / reply" service (the user does a USSDcall, for example for balance inquiry and the system closes the session after reply), are the radio resources reserved during the whole process or are they allocated once for the query and a second time for the reply ?

Q3 - Technology: is this behavior the same for 2G and 3G or are there differences because of the technology?

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