Chroma Key Image

I want to replace green color of the above chromekey image with another image. The image should only replace with the green color not overlay entire image.

I am using following sample command below but it overlay the entire image not only the green color.

-y -i /storage/emulated/0/dummyResized.jpg -i /storage/emulated/0/circularImage.png -filter_complex [1:v]colorkey=green:0.3:0.2[ckout];[0:v][ckout]overlay[out] -map [out] /storage/emulated/0/outputBlackCircular.jpg

  • What do the two images look like? – Gyan Mar 9 at 12:25
  • "-y -i " + backgroundPath+ " -i /storage/emulated/0/ScaledOutput.jpg -filter_complex [1:v]chromakey=green:0.13:0.2[ckout];[0:v][ckout]overlay=(W-w)/2:(H-h)/2[o] -map [o] -map 1:a? -c:a copy " + dest.getPath() Solved using this – Welborn Machado Mar 14 at 13:53
  • @WelbornMachado from above command image only place at the center of the base image. Is there any solution for placing an image exactly where green part is? – Divyesh Patel 2 days ago

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