I'm looking to replace specific characters in numbers I'm extracting but I cannot figure out how to do so. Here "," is the float separator and (' or .) are thousands separators. I can match this way :

>>> myString = "I buy 456'123,45 then 45.654 then 123. I'm 30."
>>> re.findall(r"(?:\d+)(?:['|.]\d+)+(?:[,]\d+)?", myString)
["456'123,45", '45.654']

I want to replace in my string all thousands separator to get this :

>>> newString
"I buy 456123,45 then 45654 then 123. I'm 30."

I'm pretty sure I need to use groups and subgroups in order to replace what I want but I don't know how to deal with groups when "()+" is present, the length of the number can also be very long (e.g : 123'456'789'123'456'789,123)



You may use re.sub with


and replace with an empty string. See the regex demo.


  • (?<=\d) - (positive lookbehind) a digit must appear immediately to the left of the current location
  • ['.] - a single quote or a dot
  • (?=\d) - (positive lookahead) a digit must appear immediately to the right of the current location.


re.sub(r"(?<=\d)['.](?=\d)", "", myString)

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