i have 10000 files in One folder like this :

  • 1000.htm
  • Page_1000.html
  • file-1000.txt
  • 2000.htm
  • Page_2000.html
  • file-2000.txt

i want merge each files that have similar name

example :
1000.htm Page_1000.html file-1000.txt > 1.txt
2000.htm Page_2000.html file-2000.txt > 2.txt

i have try to merge using cat like this its working but i cant do that in 10k files.

cat 1000* > 1.txt 
cat 2000* > 2.txt 



You probably can't do that because the globbing (*) tries to expand to a too large amount of argument. You can use find instead to find all files matching the pattern and than use xargs to perform cat on them.

find . -name '1000*' -print0 | xargs -0 cat > 1.txt

'-print0' and '-0' will delimit on the null (\0) character instead of the default line break character (\n). This way also files with linebreaks in their file names work as expected.

find . -name '*.htm' -printf '%P\n' |
while IFS='.' read -r key sfx; do
    cnt=$(( cnt + 1 ))
    cat "${key}.htm" "Page_${key}.html" "file-${key}.txt" > "${cnt}.txt"

though you should consider using the key in the output file name instead of a cnt variable so it's easy to tell which input files were included in the output file.

for ((num = 1000; num < 10000; num+=1000));
cat ${num}.htm Page_${num}.html file-${num}.txt > ${i}.txt
i=$((i + 1));

You can change num < 10000, as per your requirement.

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