Can we enable --features flag for a specific binary automatically? For example, to build server binary with forserver feature, we're not obliged to,

cargo build --features forserver --bin server

Instead, we only need to write in Cargo.toml,

name = "server"
features = [ "forserver" ]

and straight to cargo build --bin server.

Or alternatively, is there #![cfg(bin = "server")] notation to enable compilation of a code block just for specific binary?

  • It would definitely work if you move server and other things into a different crate, which then sets different feature flags on a common library. I'm not sure whether it works for a shared crate too. – Matthias247 Mar 10 at 4:45
  • Shared crate for client and server then? Thanks, noted, in case this has no solution.. My program is just very small, one file each :( – Abdillah Mar 10 at 5:01

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