I used ffmpeg to convert my MP4 videos to M3U8 format to have multiple qualities and stream my videos. because of security reason I have to put my videos in storage folder (not public) and now when I try to watch videos the browser just download M3U8 text file and video wont display. I install chrome extension to display M3U8 videos and i can see my M3U8 videos if I put the files in public folder and call the URL directly. this is my code

$fileName = $product->details()['sample_file_name'];
$filePath = $product->type.'s/'.$product->id.'/'.$fileName;       
$fileContents = Storage::disk('products')->path($filePath);
$header = ['Content-type' => Storage::disk('products')->mimeType($filePath)];
$header = ['Content-Disposition' => 'attachment; filename='.basename($filePath)];
$response = Response::download($fileContents, $fileName, $header);
return $response;

please help me what headers should i set for my download response.

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