I need to assert that an element I created was added to a list, but it is added at the end of it and it is paginated.

I'm thinking of navigating through each page by calling another task this way:

export class CheckItem implements Task {
  static afterCreated(): CheckItem {
    return new CheckItem();

  performAs(actor: PerformsTasks & UsesAbilities): PromiseLike<void> {
    return TakeNotes.as(actor).read('item-name')
      .then((itemName: string) => actor

I need to implement NavigateThrougItemList.


Ok, I found the solution by using a recursive call. Maybe there is a better solution for this, but this one worked for me.

export class NavigateThroughItemList implements Task {
  static untilFinds(itemName: string): NavigateThroughItemList {
    return new NavigateThroughItemList(itemName);

  constructor(private itemName: string) {

  @step('{0} navigates through the list until #itemName is found')
  performAs(actor: PerformsTasks): PromiseLike<void> {
    return actor.attemptsTo(
      See.if(Text.ofAll(ItemList.items), include(this.itemName)),
    ).catch(() => actor
      .then(() => actor
      // Looping until it finds the item
      .then(() => this.performAs(actor)));

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