I am new with Squid, currently i have successfully setup basic authentication using external ACL to validate username and password. This works great, but I want to have a custom login page "HTML based" to authenticate a user.

Currently this is my setting that works:

auth_param basic program /usr/bin/php ./app.php
external_acl_type tcgloginhelper ttl=1800 %SRC %LOGIN %{Proxy-Authorization} /usr/bin/php ./app.php
acl tcglogin external tcgloginhelper
http_access allow tcglogin

Is it possible to have a custom html login page? How can this be done?

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Is it possible to configure a custom login page to SQUID?

No. Squid uses the RFC-style Proxy-Authorization header. It gets a HTTP code 407 from the proxy and after a successful authentication delivers the header with every request. You would need to change both the proxy and the browser.


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