This is my first effort to run a Pycharm Jupyter Notebook project.

1) Create a project MyPythonProject. Done!

2) Create a new MyJupyterNotebook. Done!

3) Enter print('hello') into the triangular cell. Press the green run button!

   Dialog appears saying please enter JupyterNotebook URL and Auth token) 

4) Fair enough I go to command prompt type > Jupyter Notebook

carefully record it http://localhost:8888=/?token=4e209a6963b8dab232c0b03379d5321431726df7713c53e0

5) Enter it into the little black dialog box!

6) Seems to connect no error BUT, no feedback. In fact I can put junk in the cell like #$#$$%#$#@! in the cell and still see no output at all.

So where is my output going? I don't see this notebook after connecting to it? I don't see any results anywhere in PyCharm for executing the cell. For example I put junk in the cell and saw no output or errors anywhere in pycharm. I also put

print('hello world') 

(sic) and saw no output.

I also don't see this Notebook has been loaded from PyCharm. And I wonder exactly how I would go about resetting the token if needed since the dialog just grabbed it I suppose its in project settings somewhere ... I am sure I am missing something but really thought I would see some type of output at this point when I run a cell. Any ideas what's wrong?

Update: I did load the notebook using file explorer in browser of Jupyter Notebook outside pycharm and I again see the contents of the file. But still not seeing any output in pycharm

Update: jupyter notebook keeps CONNECTING TO KERNEL

Seems like latest tornado version is not working as answered above.

  • Were you able to make it work? Having the same issue here. – vcvd Apr 20 at 17:12

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