On macOs I always used to install or update ffmpeg through Homebrew. I use the libfdk_aac audio codec a lot so I always did this:

brew reinstall ffmpeg --with-fdk-aac

For some reason, since one or two brew updates, ffmpeg can no longer be installed with libfdk_aac.

When converting a video and using -acodec libfdk_aac which has been working fine for years, I now get:

Unknown encoder 'libfdk_aac'

Is there a way to fix this?


Homebrew v2.0 dropped all of the extra options that are not explicitly enabled in each formulae. So the --with options no longer work if you use the core Homebrew formulae.

Instead you can use a third-party repository (or "tap") such as ​varenc/homebrew-ffmpeg. This tap was created in response to the removal of the options from the core formulae.

Enable it then install ffmpeg:

brew tap varenc/ffmpeg
brew install varenc/ffmpeg/ffmpeg --with-fdk-aac

You can see a list of additional options with:

brew options varenc/ffmpeg/ffmpeg

It's recommended to install a recent build from the git master branch. You can do so with the --HEAD option:

brew install varenc/ffmpeg/ffmpeg --with-fdk-aac --HEAD

You could use MacPorts:

$ sudo port install ffmpeg +nonfree

Which will ask:

--->  Computing dependencies for ffmpeg
The following dependencies will be installed: 
Continue? [Y/n]: y


$ ffmpeg -codecs | grep libfdk
AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) (decoders: aac aac_fixed aac_at libfdk_aac ) (encoders: aac aac_at libfdk_aac )

The other option would be to compile it yourself and choose whatever options you want.

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    Thanks! I'll be going with @llogan's ffmpeg tap solution for now, as it allows me to stick to Homebrew. But I had zero knowledge about MacPorts and it certainly looks useful, I may be using that more in the future as well, much appreciated for pointing that out! – RocketNuts Mar 13 at 14:58

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